Delahaye 135 MS

135 MS
1st admission
75558 kilometres
Manual (4 gears)
Driver's side
Interior color
Reference no.

This Delahaye 135 MS Worblaufen convertible has an exceptional appearance. It is not only the sporty body lines and sloping grille, but also the art deco shapes, the color choice of the paint, the interior, the remarkable dashboard with the transparent three-spoke steering wheel and the transparently designed buttons that draws all the attention. In total, only six copies of the Delahaye 135 MS convertible were made by Worblaufen. The nose of this car has a design that does not appear on any of the other five Worblaufen convertibles built and that gives the car an extremely balanced appearance. This example is considered the most beautiful of the six. The 135 MS has a side-hinged bonnet, under which a 3557 cc inline 6-cylinder engine with overhead camshaft and three carburettors is installed. The engine is connected to a Cotal gearbox and delivers 132 hp of power.
This Delahaye had Swiss owners until 2014 and was then imported to the Netherlands, where the car has been registered since March 2015. In 1998 the engine was overhauled and in the autumn of 2015 the body was repainted, returning the car to its original off-white colour. The interior is partly equipped with the original leather.
This spacious four-seater convertible is in very good condition. The documentation includes various maintenance and restoration notes, original brochures and restoration photos, as well as a factory statement that only six units were built.

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Delahaye 135 MS

Rare Delahaye 135 MS Worblaufen convertible - in very good condition - many beautiful design details - one of only six examples

€ 229.900

Renald van Dijke

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