Mercedes-Benz E200



125948 kilometres
Reference no.
Almandine Red
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
1998 cc

136 hp


This Mercedes W124 E 200 Cabriolet was made in 1994 and has 125.950 kilometers on the odometer. Finished in Almandine Red with a grey Karo interior, this car shows a unique colorcombination.
This is a very rare color, which gives the car a very elegant look.

This car is in a rare and original condition. The car was originally delivered to Italy and was later exported to France. In 2018 the car was registered in The Netherlands. The car has a nice amount of history and is well equipped with an automatic gearbox, front airbags and an automatic climate control system.

The car drives perfectly and is made to last several lifetimes like every W124.


The Mercedes-Benz W124 was introduced in 1984 as the successor to the iconic W123-series. The design of the W124 was more angular than the W123 and put the car more in line with the then recently introduced W201 190-series. The new design promised a lot of aerodynamic benefits giving the car a Cd-value of only 0.28, making it one of the most aerodynamic on the market.
A few interesting features of the W124 were the singular windscreen wiper which could reach each corner of the windscreen through an eccentric motion, rear headrests that folded in to increase rear visibility, it was one of the first cars in the world with (optional) airbags and it was the second ever production car that used high strength lightweight steel for its bodywork.
In 1991 the W124 convertible was introduced. In 1993 the entire W124 range was facelifted, which also meant an important change to the way the W124 was badged. Before 1993 the badging was made up of the engine type and if the car had injection or not (e.g. 200 E (2.0L with injection (Einspritzung)). After 1993 the car got different names, like C-, E- and S-class. At this time injection engines had become the standard, making the special badging unnecessary. That is way this cabriolet is an E 200 and not a 200 E.
The W124 is known as one of the most reliable and best built cars ever. The choice of materials and the way everything is finished shows its worth almost 25 years after the car was built. It shows the superb engineering and design of these cars.

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The Mercedes-Benz E200

125.950 km - Very well maintained - Rare color


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