Rolls-Royce Phantom II Sports Saloon by James Young


Phantom II Sports Saloon by James Young

76102 miles
Reference no.
Dark green / black
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
7668 cc

Manual (4 gears)
120 hp


This Rolls-Royce Phantom II Sports Saloon by James Young was sold on March 1, 1934 to its first owner: Mr. A.C. Wall Esq, a (then) well known industrialist. The automobile is a fine example of the bespoke coachwork from coachbuilder James Young, one of the best in those years. The superbly stylish and elegant design of this Phantom II was worth an entry in two reference books: "Rolls-Royce, The Derby Phantoms" and "The Rolls-Royce Phantom II & III".

The Rolls-Royce production card (a copy is available) states that the car was intended for "town work and touring". Because of ingenious foldout chairs, beautifully hidden in the back of the front seat, there was room for seven people. The central division that separated the passengers from the driver fully disappears, transforming the car, according to the manufacturer, to an "owner driver sports saloon". The owner of this beauty obviously did not wish to be chauffeured around everyday. At the request of the buyer louvres were placed in the hood. Prepared for any mishap whilst travelling on the continent, a bulb holder inside the front passenger footwell provided spares for the striking Marchal headlights. Other special options ordered by the owner were an opening front windscreen, pull down front sun visors, the extra rear seats, fold down picnic tables and a blind for the rear window. The Phantom II was repainted some time ago in the favourite color combination of the English royal family: Dark Balmoral Green over Black. The interior is still partly original. Furthermore, this car is mostly original and technically good condition. A true image of real English class!


The Rolls Royce Phantom II is generally considered to be Rolls-Royce's pre-war masterpiece. The Phantom II was introduced at the Olympia Motor Show in London in 1929, being the last of Sir Henry Royce’s own designs. The Phantom II followed a distinguished line of six-cylinder cars headed by the 40/50hp 'Silver Ghost'.

The Phantom II answered all the critics and was technically up-to-the-minute in design while retaining all the standards of mechanical excellence shared by its predecessor. The new car featured unit construction of engine and gearbox, improved ride and handling characteristics and better braking. It was powered by a 7.668 cc six cylinder pushrod overhead valve engine which ran almost in silence and yet produced more than ample power to carry the most flamboyant coachwork provided by bespoke coachbuilders in Great Britain, mainland Europe and America.
The chassis of the Phantom II was completely new. The front axle was mounted on semi-elliptical leaf springs as on earlier 40/50 hp models, but the rear axle was now also mounted on semi-elliptical springs instead of cantilever springs. This, along with the drivetrain changes, allowed the frame to be lower than before, improving the handling. From 1929 to 1936 a total of 1,281 Phantom II chassis of all types were built.
The Phantom II was the choice of captains of industry, European nobility and royalty, the list of customers reading like an international Who's Who.

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The Rolls-Royce Phantom II Sports Saloon by James Young

Very original Phantom II - Matching numbers - Unique Marshall headlights - Older (partly) restauration


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