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The Ferrari Testarossa with black leather upholstery, on offer at Classic Park was delivered new in 1990 in Italy and has driven a modest mileage. The car comes with the original maintenance manual and users guide. A real Ferrari red Testarossa, it doesn't get more authentic!


The late 1984 presented Ferrari Testarossa was the successor of the Berlinetta Boxer. The name of this 12-cylinder sports car derived from the Ferrari Testa Rossa racing cars that excelled on the tracks in the late 50s, early 60s. Testa Rossa (Italian for red head) also refers to the red valve cover. The car, almost obviously again a Pininfarina design, was more or less developed with the US market, including its more stringent environmental requirements, in mind. The Ferrari was wider than its predecessor, allowing considerably more space for driver and passenger and luggage (at the front). Despite its hefty price, the Testarossa was one of Ferrari's best sellers. Half of the 7,500 sold copies were destined for the US. The Testarossa became one of the icons of the 1980s, partly due to the very popular TV series "Miami Vice".

Striking design elements of the Ferrari Testarossa are the air vents with the characteristic horizontal strakes in the doors. The latter were developed in order to meet the regulatory requirements in some countries, which outlawed large openings on cars. The incoming air cooled the engine and left the car through ventilation holes located at the engine lid (at the rear). As a consequence the extra pressure on the rear axle made sure that the Testarossa did not need any spoilers, like the Lamborghini Countach did, to ensure proper handling. Later, the air vents with strakes were used in various sports cars from other brands.

The 12-cylinder, 4.9-liter mid-engine of the Testarossa produced about 390 hp and had a top speed of 180 mph (290 km / h). The five-speed transmission was operated manually. During its production period until 1996, the Testarossa underwent two updates: in 1991 the 512 TR (428 hp) was created, and in 1994 the F512M (446 hp). Successor to the Testarossa was the Ferrari 550 Maranello Coupé with front engine.

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The Ferrari Testarossa

1990 Ferrari Testarossa.


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