Ford F100 Twin I-Beam

F100 Twin I-Beam
1st admission
30157 miles
Driver's side
Blue and white
Interior color
Blue and white
195 hp
Engine size
6293 cc
Reference no.

The Ford F-series Pick-Up Truck was introduced in 1948. The car offered by Classic Park is a fourth generation car that was introduced in October 1964. The first series had 8 different weight classes. F-1 for 0.5 tons, F-2 and F-3 for 0. 75 tons with F3 heavy duty, F-4 for 1 ton, F-5 1.5 tons, F-6 2 tons and F-7 and F-8 for everything above. These names were changed for the second and subsequent generations. F-1 became F100, F-2 and F-3 became F250 and F-4 became F350.

The fourth generation was available from model year 1965. The car at Classic Park is a 1966 F100 pick-up. Only in 1965 and 1966 Ford installed the indicator lights above the headlights, making it easy to recognize from which period this example comes. The straight front axle was a new design, creating space for a new, independent "Twin I-Beam" suspension with coil springs. The change in suspension also lengthened the wheelbase slightly. The 1965 and 1966 F100 pickups are distinguished by a "TWIN I-BEAM" emblem on the front fender.

The striking blue and white color scheme makes this Ford an attractive car. Both front fenders feature the unique "TWIN I-BEAM" emblems. The robust V8 engine with a capacity of 6.3 liters is mated to an automatic gearbox and is easy to adjust. As soon as the accelerator pedal is pressed enthusiastically, the car jumps forward with a magnificent engine sound and shows the surplus of engine power. This F100 is in good condition due to an older restoration, of which notes and photos are included with the car. The car currently has a German license plate.

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