Rolls-Royce Phantom II Hooper Limousine

Phantom II Hooper Limousine
1st admission
323 miles
Manual (4 gears)
Driver's side
Black and red
Interior color
Black leather, red cloth
120 hp
Engine size
7668 cc
Reference no.

Majestic, distinguished, stylish ... There are hardly any words that can describe the class and appearance of this pre-war Rolls-Royce Phantom II in one go. As soon as this Phantom II comes along, all eyes are automatically on this car. The car has a presence that is unparalleled.
In the pre-war years, Rolls-Royce coachworks were always fitted by coachbuilders. This Phantom II was built by Hooper Coachbuilders Ltd., Hooper for short, who built a Limousine body for the first owner, Lady Bicket. Lady Bicket ordered her Phantom II through Jack Barclay Ltd. in London, which at the time was the largest Rolls-Royce dealer in the United Kingdom. Sometimes this bodystyle is also referred to as '4d6l limousine', which stands for 4-door, 6-light limousine and indicates that it is a four-door body with six side windows (three on each side). Such a carriage has the characteristic that the rear seat is built above the rear axle. This creates a huge interior space that usually includes folding, temporary seats. The Phantom II Hooper Limousine at Classic park has a black leather interior in the front; however in the back, behind the separation wall, it is upholstered with red fabric. Such an interior exudes the class of the first owner. Two provisional seats have been folded away against the partition wall and can be easily unfolded, turning the car into a spacious seven-seater limousine.
The black with red paint color refers to the English royal family that had such a color scheme applied as standard at the time.
On the back of the car a large luggage box is fitted, that makes the car very suitable for picnic trips.
The 7668 cc six-cylinder engine runs very nicely and provides a lot of torque at a low speed. Therefore the Phantom II can easily keep up with today's traffic. The documentation to be supplied includes a number of extensive valuation reports and documents that reflect a large part of the owner's history.

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