Triumph Stag



55483 miles
Reference no.
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
2997 cc

146 hp


From the outset, the Triumph Stag (1970-1977) was intended as a direct competitor to the luxury Mercedes-Benz SL-Class. The Italian Giovanni Michelotti, who also worked for Ferrari, Lancia and Maserati, was called in for the design. All Stags were four-seater convertible coupés which, in order to meet the stringent American safety requirements, were provided with a roll-bar at the B-pillar which was connected to the frame of the windscreen through a T-structure. The design was well received, but soon technical problems with the cooling arose. Because of that, Time Magazine decided that the Stag earned its spot at the 50 Worst Cars Ever Made list. Many owners decided to replace the engine altogether. Nearly 26,000 Stags were built between 1970 and 1977. 6,700 of which were intended for export.

The Triumph Stag was based on a shortened version of the Triumph 2000 and the sports car was fitted with many components of the 2000. The V8 engine had a capacity of 2997 cc and most Stags were equipped with a Borg-Warner three-speed automatic gearbox. Except for some wheel variations, air conditioning, a luggage rack and carpet, not a lot of options were available. Electric windows, power steering and power-assisted brakes were standard. At first, the (heavy) hardtop was optional, later it became standard.

Although the Triumph Stag experienced an unfortunate start, about 9,000 of them are still running. With its 5,000 members, the Stag Owners Club is the world's largest club for one single model. Mainly due to this, the technical problems have been resolved over the years and spare parts are easily available at specialist suppliers. The Stag owes its popularity to its relative rarity, performance (145 hp at 5500 rpm and a top speed of 117 mph-188 km / h) and of course the beautiful Michelotti styling. The Stag played a bit part In the James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever (1971), when Sean Connery "borrows" the car in Amsterdam.

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