Ford F-100

1st admission
12773 miles
Driver's side
Interior color
130 hp
Engine size
4942 cc
Reference no.

The MY1956 Ford F-100 is the most sought-after 1/2 ton truck, as it has the one-year-only wrap-around windscreen which makes it unique in the Ford F-Series. A popular car in the hotrod scene, and the first truck which got the brand new Ford OHV V8 engine : the 130 bhp 239ci Y-Block.

This example is completely restored and looks absolutely fantastic. It is slightly hotrodded, with a brand new 302 ci V8 engine coupled to a modern automatic gearbox. This F-100 is really fast (and loud), and is easy to drive with its power steering and power brakes. It's a great promotion vehicle as well, and it looks the business on the nice steel wheels with chromed wheel caps. The interior is nicely finished with a black and red interior in vinyl, and some extra gauges.

The car has a Belgian registration and is ready for a cool next owner.

The Ford F-series Pick Up Truck was introduced in 1948 and the car on offer by Classic Park is of the second generation which was introduced in 1953. The first series had 8 different chassis possibilities based on the load capacity needed. F-1 for 0.5 ton, F-2 and F-3 for 0.75 ton (F-3 for Heavy Duty), F-4 for 1 ton, F-5 for 1.5 ton, F-6 for 2 ton and F-7 and F-8 for everything above that. For the second generation these names were changed. F1 became F-100, F-2 and F-3 became F-250 and F-4 became F-350.

The second generation was available from 1952 to 1956. The new generation offered more comfort and luxury than before, including a dome light, lighter, arm rests, sun visors and a radio. On March 13, 1953, the Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission became an option. The car available at Classic Park is a 1956 F-100 model. The 1956 F-100 is a one-year only body style. The 1956 F-100 is easily identified as it has vertical windshield pillars and a wrap around windshield as opposed to the sloped pillars and angled windshield of the 1953-55. Also in 1956, seat belts became an option.

In 1957 the new generation of the F-series truck is introduced. The F-series truck is still in production today with the 13th generation. And it is still selling in unbelievable numbers. In 2018 it was the best selling car in the USA with 909.330 sold. A record held by the F-series with 896.764 sold in 2017. The F-series has been the best selling car in the US for 36 consecutive years. In the 21st century Ford sold one F-series truck every minute. In 2017 this was more than one truck every half a minute.

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Ford F-100

Sought-after 1956 model - Wrap-around windscreen - Newer 302ci V8

€ 44.900

Renald van Dijke

Your Classic Park contact
+31 (0)411 60 50 00

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