Mercedes-Benz CL 55 AMG Kompressor


CL 55 AMG Kompressor

96574 kilometres
Reference no.
Brilliant Silver Metallic (744U)
Interior color
Exclusive Graphite/Anthracite AMG (581A)
Driver's side
Engine size
5439 cc

Automatic (5 gears)
650 hp


This Mercedes-Benz CL 55 AMG Kompressor offered to you by Classic Park was newly registered on the 1st of March 2003. The car was originally delivered in Japan. The car was always meticulously maintained as the maintenance logs show. The odometer reads 96.600 kilometers and this totally backed up by the logbooks. In February of 2018 the car was brought to the Netherlands and registered here. The owner drove the car for a year before the car ended up with us.

But this is not just any CL55 AMG Kompressor because this CL has been fitted with a DTK compressor kit. This raises the powerfigures from 500 BHP and 700 Nm to 650 BHP and 1.000 Nm. This turns this elegant autobahnmissile into a car which knows no equal. There are very few cars in the world which accelerate with such easy and grace while the driver is seated in absolute comfort. In addition to that this CL55 now even trumps the much rarer and much more expensive CL65 in terms of power.

The CL is in great condition and is free of any corrosion on the bodywork. The car is delivered on new rear tires. The exterior looks amazing and the interior is also in very nice condition. Like befits a top of the range Mercedes this car is also fitted with every optional extra available at the time. Electrically adjustable, heated and cooled multi-contour front seats with massage function, an electric sunroof, an electric roller blind for the rear window, grey alcantara headlining, exclusive AMG leather seats, Bi-Xenon headlights, a soundsystem with CD-changer, a heated screenwash system and this is on top of the standard equipment which includes a rain- and lightsensor, the new Distronic adaptive cruise control system, keyless go, dual zone climate control, soft close doors, ABC airsuspension with sports setting, parkingsensors etc. There are very few cars that offer this much ‘bang for your buck’. In the Netherlands the car is also eligible for the youngtimer system, which would make this car extra affordable.

In short, an amazingly good-looking highway missile which offers amazing bang for your buck.


The Mercedes CL, internal typing C215, was introduced in 1998 as the two door version of the Mercedes W220 S-class. This meant that the CL got all the luxury and innovation that the S-class had as well. This made the CL the second car worldwide (after the S-class) to be fitted with Distronic adaptive cruise control and bi-Xenon headlights. The CL was also fitted as standard with Active Body Control (ABC) air suspension. This system was more advanced than the standard Airmatic suspension that was fitted to the normal S-class. This made the car better suited to cornering. The ride height could also be heightened and lowered manually to better suite the terrain and the car could automatically lower itself to make it more aerodynamic at higher speeds.

As often with Mercedes-Benz the S-class was far ahead of the rest with regards to safety. From 2003 on the S-class and CL were equipped with the Pre-safe precrash system which would brake the car automatically if the front radar sensed too big a speed difference between the car and the object in front of the car. The cars were also equipped as standard with ESP and Brake Assist (which can increase the brake pressure dramatically to shorten braking distances). The CL also had 8 airbags, 2 in the front, 4 side airbags and 2 window airbags. The cars were also equipped as standard with LED brakelights which react quicker than conventional lights.

The CL55 AMG Kompressor was the top of the range CL after its facelift in 2002. The addition of a compressor gave the CL55 quite a raise in power as the power jumped from 360 to 500 BHP. This also decreased the 0-100 KPH time from 6 to 4.8 seconds. This also gave the CL 55 as much power and as much acceleration as the CL600. The main distinction was that the V12 CL600 was aimed at comfort and serenity and the CL55 with V8 was aimed at performance and more noise. The V8 also sounds great in the CL55.
The only model above the CL55 was the CL65. This limited, hugely expensive edition had a specially made 6.0L V12 AMG engine with 2 turbo’s which produced 612 BHP and 1.000 Nm. Although the car had a lot more power it was only marginally quicker with a 0-100 time of 4.4 seconds. All CL’s were officially limited to 250 KPH.

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The Mercedes-Benz CL 55 AMG Kompressor

DTK Compressor - 650 BHP and 1.000 Nm - Great condition - 96.600 km

€ 29.900

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