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This Ford Model T offered to you by Classic Park was first registered in 1924. It has a two seater hardtop coupe body style and is finished in typical Model T black.

A famous saying by Henry Ford was "You can have the Model T in any color you want, as long as it’s black." Some research shows that this is not completely true. When the Model T was introduced in 1908 several colors were available, but Ford’s engineers spotted that the black paint dried much quicker than any of the other colors. That is why from 1914 on the Model T was only available in black. From 1926, in the final years of production, color options were available once more.

The car is in nice condition and is fitted with an original 2.9L four cylinder engine and an original 2-speed manual transmission. The unique thing about this gearbox is that it works like an automatic. The left pedal keeps the car in low gear when the pedal is pressed down and shifts the car into high gear once the pedal is let up. The middle pedal is for the reverse gear, which is engaged when the pedal is pushed down. The right pedal is for the brake which is mounted inside the transmission. There was no throttle pedal, instead the throttle was managed on a handle behind the steering wheel.

This Model T is fitted with wooden wheels and these give the car a very authentic look. The car also has a sunvisor above the windscreen.

Roadworthy Model T’s are quite rare, despite the total production values. In 2008, it was estimated that only 50.000-60.000 roadworthy Model T’s exist.
The car has a inactive Dutch registration and offers a very authentic driving experience for relatively little money.

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