BMW E9 3.0 CSL


E9 3.0 CSL

34666 kilometres
Reference no.
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
3003 cc

Manual (5 gears)
200 hp


This BMW 3.0 CSL offered by Classic Park was produced on 06-11-1972 and extradited to the BMW dealer in Zurich-Dielsdorf in Switzerland 10-11-1972. The first owner received the car on 01-02-1973 (first registration).

The car comes with a BMW certificate indicating that this is an original CSL, equipped with the original engine. Of course the chassis number begins with 2275. This CSL was originally delivered with the City Package.

The car came to the Netherlands in 1997 and was by then partially restored. The current owner bought the car in 2001. After driving some time with the CSL he decided to really restore the car. The restoration started in 2007 and it took until 2016 before it was ready, partly because of the availability of specific and rare CSL parts. The car has been meticulously restored with original parts only. The result is a CSL with a quality that is unequaled. Bottom, engine compartment, interior and exterior: It’s all in new condition.

The CSL is equipped with the optional front spoiler, an optional boot spoiler (which has been restored and is supplied separately), 16-inch Alpina wheels and an original Alpina shift knob. There has been chosen for a larger wheel size as this greatly improves handling characteristics.

In total (LHD and RHD) 1265 BMW 3.0 CSL’s were produced. Because of intensive (circuit) use, accidents and rust many of these CSL’s are broken. An original 3.0 CSL which is true in every detail is now very rare.


In 1971 BMW showed the E9 3.0 CSL for the first time at the fair in Geneva as a homologation model for the German Touring Car Championship. The CSL is based on the 3200 CS (Coupe Sport). The L stood for Lightweight / Leichtbau.
The car was developed by a separate division of BMW. This division later became known worldwide as BMW Motorsport GmbH (later simply called BMW M GmbH). They are responsible for all BMW M models. It is fair to say that the E9 CSL is the first M product of BMW. The CSL was also available with the familiar three-color striping what would become the trademark of the M division. The car is built by Karmann in Rheine, Germany.
During the period of five years the CLS was produced in four series:
1. The first series was produced from May 1971 until mid 1972 and was equipped with the standard 2.985 L M30 engine with twin carburettors that provides 180 hp. In this series 169 cars were produced.
2. The second series was produced from mid 1972 to early 1973 and equipped with the fuel injection 3.003 L engine that provides 200 hp. In this series 429 LHD and 500 RHD cars were produced.
3. The third variant was produced from July 1973 until January 1974 and equipped with the enlarged 3.153 L injection engine that provides 206 hp. The third series consists of the first batch of 110 cars of this third variant.
4. The fourth series consists of the second batch of the third variant and contains 57 cars.
All CSL were carried out with the same four-speed Getrag gearbox as all other 3.0 L E9 coupes. Only the CSL's had a limited (25%) slip differential.
The first series with carburettors do not have an own range of chassis numbers, they fall within the numbers of the normal 3.0 CS. All injection models, however, had their own chassis number range. The second series LHD injection models (the 3003 L engine) have a chassis number range starting at 2,275,001 and ending 2,275,429. The RHD models of the second series started at 2,285,001 up to 2,285,500. The third series, often called Batmobile, had a range of 2,227,543 and ending at 2,275,539.

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The BMW E9 3.0 CSL

BMW certificate - Original engine - Meticulously restored

€ 249.900

Renald van Dijke

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