Horch 830 BL Convertible


830 BL Convertible

105 kilometres
Reference no.
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
3517 cc

75 hp


The Horch 830 BL Convertible on offer from 1936 has undergone a three year extensive restoration to the current concours condition.


In 1904, August Horch started a car factory in Zwickau (Germany). His cars were renowned for their luxury, quality and technical innovation. In 1909, after problems with financiers, he left his own company. However, the rights to use the name Horch were owned by his former backers, and August started another automobile factory, called Audi (reportedly the Latin translation of the German "Horch", in English "listen").

In 1923, Paul Daimler, son of Gotlieb Daimler, became chief engineer at Horch and he designed the Horch 12/60 PS (Type 303), the first German eight-cylinder that was produced in series. From 1925 on, about 1,300 Horch cars annually made their way to the affluent clientele. In 1929, Fritz Fiedler was Daimler's successor as chief engineer and he was responsible for the design of the twelve-cylinder Horch 670.

In the 1930's, Horch cars controlled more than 50% of the luxury segment in Germany. In 1932, Horch, Audi, DKW and Wanderer auto parts merged to one company: Auto Union AG.

Between 1934 and 1939, Horch also developed race cars. They made the still famous Auto Union Type A to D.

The Horch on display is a BL 830 convertible from 1936. The 830 was the second German car produced in series, with a V8 engine. After WW II, General de Gaulle drove a Horch 830 BL convertible for almost 10 years. This car is now on display at the Military History Museum Dresden.

From 1940 onwards, the Auto Union plants, like so many at that time, focused on the production of war equipment. After the end of the war, Auto Union, whose factories were in the occupation zone of the Soviet Union, was legally dissolved. The then East German Horch produced tractors, trucks, and after 10 years even cars. In 1957, the Horch brand disappeared when the in West Germany re-founded Auto Union successfully objected to the use of the name. It was never used again.

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The Horch 830 BL Convertible

This 1936 Horch 830 BL Convertible in concours condition after a three year extensive restoration.


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