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The Dennis Tower Wagon Ace 40/45 for sale at Classic Park was owned by the Brighton Council and was used for the repair of overhead tram and trolley bus lines and street lights. The car was last used in 1962 and subsequently dismantled. In 1982 the complete package was sold. A next owner restored the Tower Wagon in its full splendour, during a two and a half year restoration. The restoration is complete and expertly executed, including the hand painted Brighton livery and crest on both doors. The platform is fully functioning again. Behind the cab there is a workshop and storage space. The car comes with a lot of documentation and photos of the restoration.


In 1895 the English brothers John and Raymond Dennis began a bicycle and sporting goods shop in Devon. They made bikes in all variations and their first motorized vehicle was a tricycle with a single cylinder De Dion engine. The first car followed in 1901. The brothers were very successful with their cars and took part in various races. The market for cars however, was rather limited early last century and they decided to focus on vehicles for commercial use. In 1904 the Dennis company manufactured a delivery van for Harrods of London, and in 1908 produced their first fire truck.

Dennis also supplied vehicles to the British Army during the First World War. After the war, street-cleaning cars and garbage trucks for the local government followed and in 1922 lawnmowers were added to the range. The bus and truck chassis' were modernized and a typical London double-decker bus was made by Dennis as well.

During the Second World War the production of civilian vehicles seized and Dennis built some 700 Churchill tanks, 4,500 military vehicles and 3,000 passenger vehicles. After WW II the factory continued to manufacture buses and fire trucks.

Despite various take-overs and a bankruptcy, after more than 100 years the company still exists under the name ADL (Alexander Dennis Limited).

Tower Wagons were trucks with an in height adjustable platform so workmen could service, for example, street lights or overhead lines of trams.

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The Dennis Tower Wagon

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