Peugeot 403



Reference no.
Turquois Green
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
1468 cc

Manual (4 gears)
65 hp


This Peugeot 403 Pick Up is produced in 1958 and is originally from France. The car was brought to The Netherlands where the car only had one owner. The car is finished in Turquois Green with a grey fabric interior, which has black seat covers on it at this time.
This 403 is from 1958 and is equipped with the original angular, forward-leaning chrome lion bonnet ornament – the lion image being Peugeot's trade mark. That was removed for 1959, due to safety concerns, and the logo was incorporated into a shield-shaped grill emblem. The car is in nice condition and drives well. The car also comes the original service manual, parts catalogue and other Peugeot 403 documents.
A fun original French car that is also very practical and still commercially usable.


The Peugeot 403 was produced between May 1955 and October 1966. In these 11 years a total of 1.2 million examples were produced. This makes it the first Peugeot of which more than 1 million cars were produced. From 1955 to 1958 the car was delivered with an angular, forward-leaning chrome lion bonnet ornament, that was replaced by a grill emblem due to safety concerns. In 1957 parallel windscreen wipers were substituted for the original "cross hands" ones featured at launch and in 1959 the trafficators on the C-style were replaced by lights in the light clusters.

The Peugeot 403 was the first of many Peugeots that were designed by Peugeot. The 403 has a relatively square styling with some unusual features. One of the most interesting aspects was the way that the rear doors opened wide - to a full 90 degrees. Also unusual were the windows in the rear doors that opened fully into the door frame to the point where they disappeared, despite the intrusion into the door frame of a wheel arch which must have made the fit of the window when opened very marginal. The 403 was equipped with a 1468cc four cylinder engine with 65 BHP and 102 Nm. This engine was mated to a 4-speed manual with all-synchromesh gears driving the rear wheels. Shifting is done by a column-mounted shifter.

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The Peugeot 403

Great colour - Nice condition - Early model - Commercially usable


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