Mercedes-Benz 220 S Cabriolet


220 S Cabriolet

10216 miles
Reference no.
356 Light Blue / 439 Creme
Interior color
1068 Beige
Driver's side
Engine size
2195 cc

Automatic (4 gears)


This Mercedes W180 220S Ponton Cabriolet, offered to you by Classic Park, is originally a South-African car. The car was registered on the 28th of February 1958 and the history goes back to 1977. In 1977 the car was sold to a South-African Mercedes collector who took the car to the USA a year later. The car was cared for with great attention to detail and all the invoices from 1977 to 2013 are still with the car. This collector had a huge knowledge and love for Mercedes-Benz cars. Aside from this car he also owned a Mercedes-Benz 300SL and a W111 280SE 3.5.

In 2013 the car was sold and exported to the Netherlands where over 8.000 euro’s was spent on it over the past couple of years. This car is therefore in great condition, fitting for such a rare car. Only 2.178 W180 convertibles were made of which only very few remain. Even fewer in such fine condition as this one with a Hydrak gearbox. Overall a very rare 220S Cabriolet in very good cosmetic and technical condition.


The Mercedes W180 and W128 convertibles are part of the Ponton series. This new era of design started in 1953 and replaced the Mercedes 170-series. The 170-series was essentially a pre-war design that was meant to keep production going after the war. The Ponton came at the right time. Germany was recovering from the devastations of World War Two and was experiencing a stable economic growth. This meant that more people could afford to buy a car and thus also a Mercedes-Benz.

The Ponton’s were the first Mercedes-Benz production cars with round curving bodywork with flowing lines. The first Ponton’s were the W120 180 sedan which had a four cylinder engine and the W105 220a which had a six cylinder engine. In 1955 the iconic 190SL joined the range and from 1956 the 220S coupe and cabriolet were added. In 1958 the 220SE was added as the most powerful iteration due to its fuel injection system. These cars were all produced in Mercedes’ newly built production plant in Sindelfingen. According to publications from that era it only took 1500 minutes to built a car. This was the time between the first sheet of metal being pressed until the car rolled of the production line.

The Ponton was a great success for Mercedes-Benz with a total of 580.223 cars built. In the beginning of the sixties the Ponton’s were replaced by the then revolutionary W110 and W111 series.

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The Mercedes-Benz 220 S Cabriolet

Great condition - Very rare example with Hydrak gearbox - History going back to 1977


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