BMW 2.8L



23280 kilometres
Reference no.
037 Fjord blue metallic
Interior color
Blue fabric
Driver's side
Engine size
2788 cc

Automatic (3 gears)
170 hp


This beautiful BMW E3 2.8L which is offered to you by Classic Park, is one of the best examples of a 2.8L on the current market. In the past two years almost 15.000 euro’s were invested in a complete engine and gearbox overhaul as well as a an overhaul of the braking system and suspension. The exterior appearance was also improved on and the car is in great condition. This is an original Dutch registered car!
This model, the 2.8L, was a long wheelbase version of the 2800 with performance equal to the 2500 due to the extra weight. This still meant that you had 170 BHP at your disposal and a top speed of 190 kilometers per hour in complete luxury. With a driver-orientated cockpit and a sporty chassis the E3 was known as one of the best drivers-saloons of its era.


The BMW E3, also known as the New Six due to the introduction of the new M30 inline-6 engine which was used in all E3’s, was the predecessor to what we know call the BMW 7-series. The E3 was a big saloon with powerful six cylinder engines which had to compete with Mercedes, fitting the new BMW strategy. Just a few years prior BMW had to drop the very expensive and luxurious 501 and 502 and focused on a new way of designing cars as the ‘New Class’ 2000’s showed.
The E3 was a big step forward for BMW in many ways. It was the first BMW with double headlights which were integrated in the grille, a feature which BMW held for many decades. The first designs had the same square headlights as the ‘New Class’-cars, but this idea never made it to the production stage. The E3 was specifically designed to compete with the bigger Mercedes models, but with a focus on sporty handling. The new sedan was noticeably a "driver's car", focusing on the front-seat occupants.
Because of this the 2800 had 170 BHP, wider tyres, sporty, a fully independent suspension along with four wheel disc brakes. The E3 was well ahead of its time in the early 1970s. The E3 and in particular the long wheelbase L-versions handled much better than their Mercedes counterparts.

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The BMW 2.8L

Complete overhaul of engine, gearbox, brakes and suspension - Original Dutch registration - One of the best

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