DeTomaso Longchamp



1260 kilometres
Reference no.
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
5800 cc

Automatic (3 gears)


This De Tomaso Longchamp is a Mk I version from 1979. It was restored in 2006 using original GTS upgrade parts, such as the extended wheelarches and the decals.The bodywork is good condition with extra fender extenders available to match rear extenders. The car only drove 10.000 km after restoration. It is still fitted with the original Ford 351 Cleveland V8 engine mated with the Ford Cruise-o-matic 3-speed automatic gearbox which has been overhauled. Longchamps are very exclusive and low cost to mantain due to the use of many Ford parts.


The De Tomaso Longchamp is a two door coupe that was made between 1972 and 1989. It’s a typical De Tomaso with a front mounted big American V8 engine combined with typical Italian flair. The Longchamp shared its development with the Maserati Kyalami. The owner and founder of De Tomaso, Argentinian and former racing driver Alejandro de Tomaso, bought Maserati from Citroen in de 70s and now had to make cars for both brands. The development for the cars was based around an adapted Quattroporte chassis which would be fitted with very similar bodywork. The main difference was the Kyalami got the delicate Italian V8 developed by Maserati, whereas the Longchamp got the big American V8 developed by Ford. Much less delicate, but mostly more trouble-free than the Italian V8 with the addiction of the typical V8 grunt.
The interior is a showcase of Italian flair. Chromed Veglia dials, rocker switches and lights finished in finely stitched Italian leather and fitted with Italian passion and dedication. Niet as precisely as the Germans, but does it really need to be? In this sea of leather the big chrome T-shifter jumps out. Connected to the indestructible 3-speed Ford Cruise-o-matic automatic gearbox, this made the Longchamp the real Grand Tourer. Most of the Longchamps were automatic with only 17 manual transmission cars ever built.
And rarity is a theme with the Longchamp. Only 409 Longchamps were ever produced, 395 coupes and 14 convertible spyders. In 1980 the second series of the Longchamp was introduced with added the GTS to the line up. The Longchamp may not be the typical Italian showpony, but its one of the best Italian workhorses with tons of Italian charm.

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The DeTomaso Longchamp

GTS look - Technically in good condition - Automatic gearbox

€ 46.900

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