Ferrari 456 GT


456 GT

81021 kilometres
Reference no.
Tour de France Blue Metallic
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
5474 cc

Manual (6 gears)


The 456GT on offer by Classic Park was delivered on the 21st of February 1995 in Milan, Italy by specialized Ferrari dealer Rossocorsa. In April of 2012 the car was imported into The Netherlands having done only 68.000 kilometres. In the years since the car was very well maintained which means the car is in very nice condition. The current odometer reading is 80.500 kilometers. The car is delivered with the original toolkit in the original leather case and all the original warranty, hifi and user manuals.


The Ferrari 456 and 456 M, a four-seat V12 Gran Turismo, was produced from 1992 to 2003 and was the replacement for the 412. The 456 was another Pininfarina design and available as GT and GTA (automatic). The 5.5 L (5474 cc) 65 ° V12 engine was derived from the Dino V6.

The engine produced 436 hp (325 kW, 442 hp) with four valves per cylinder and Bosch Motronic 2.7 engine management. This propelled the 1690 kg car, with four passengers, to 302 km / h (188 mph), making it the world's fastest production four-seater. The 456 accelerated to 100 km / h (62 mph) in just 5.2 seconds. At the time it was the most powerful car ever developed by Ferrari (aside from the F40).

The model name 456 is derived from the number of cc displaced by each cylinder. It was a detuned version of the 550 and 575. Despite its supercar performance, the 456 had a relatively low stressed, reliable engine. That is why it won the ‘over 4 litre’ class of the International Engine of the Year award for 2000 and 2001.

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The Ferrari 456 GT

80.600 km - Nice condition - Original manuals and leather toolkit

€ 57.900

Renald van Dijke

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