Paige Detroit 670


Paige Detroit

33904 miles
Reference no.
Interior color
Driver's side

69 hp


Classic Park has now on offer a very, very original Paige-Detroit model 6-70. This car was produced late 1923 and was first registered the 28th of February 1924. This model has a straight six cylinder engine which delivers 75 hp. The car is still in its original condition and is matching numbers. Interior is original, exterior painting is mostly the first lacquer. The odometer reads 33.904 miles, we believe the car has not done more miles. The car has been well maintained and meets the standards of the HPOF (Historic Preservation of Original Features) class.

A Dutchman bought the car in the USA in October 2008 and registered the car on the 11th of May 2011 in the Netherlands. Between 2008 and 2011 he serviced the car with new tires and repainted the steel outer side of the wheels in the original color. The wooden centerpieces of the wheels are done with linseed oil, it is not allowed by the HPOF to repaint them. In consultation with the HPOF all the nickel work has been redone in England by Genius of the Lamp, a costly exercise. On arrival in the Netherlands the exhaust needed replacement and was therefore exactly imitated by USA exhaust specialist Paul Cuppens. The petrol tank was ultrasonically cleaned and provided with a new coating. The dynamo was given a new back plate of bronze, the old one was beyond repair.

The radiator was disassembled and cleaned. The specialist who carried out this work had never seen such a qualitatively beautiful cast bronze cooling work. The crankcase was disassembled and mounted with a new gasket. The crankcase was spotless, the bronze oil pump was like new. Furthermore the car was fitted with period correct direction indicators and received new hoses, spark plugs, belt and battery. The original windscreen motor proved to be defect but was repaired and fitted again on the car.

When the car was bought in the USA there was no suitcase with the car. But the Dutch owner spotted an original suitcase in the USA, it is now on the car! There is a lot more to tell about this car, for instance about the vanity set or the smoke set, the special illumination in the back or the compressor with always coupled hose for fast inflate of the tires. This car was really well equipped.

Important to know: all services done are made in accordance to the regulations of the HPOF.

We love collector items like this Paige Detroit, original cars in very good condition throughout and ready to go. Cars that still show there top class even one hundred years after production!


Paige-Detroit Company Organized
The Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company has been organized in Detroit, Mich., with a capital stock of $100,000, and the following officers: Frederick O. Paige, president and general manager; Willis Buhl, vice president; Wm. B. Cady, secretary, and Gilbert W. Lee, treasurer. The company have taken a lease of the old Stearns laboratory building on Twenty-first street, and have placed orders for the necessary machinery. The first product of the company will consist of a three cylinder, two cycle runabout, to sell at $800, and it is expected to begin the delivery of cars by December 1.
The Horseless Age Magazine, October 6, 1909

The Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company built the Paige between 1909 and 1927 to the highest standards of production engineering for its day. Paige-Detroit also manufactured Paige trucks, 1918-1923, and the Jewett light six, 1922-1926. Sales topped 30,000 for most years. Peak production of 43,500 vehicles occurred in 1923. Cumulative 1910-1927 production was perhaps 400,000.

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The Paige Detroit 670

Very original car - Six-cylinder engine - Well maintained - Matching numbers

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