Bentley Continental R


Continental R

91701 kilometres
Reference no.
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
6761 cc

320 hp


The rare Bentley Continental R on offer at Classic Park was manufactured on the 27th of November 1992 and first admitted to the road in 1993 by Auto-König from München, Germany. At the moment the car has a Dutch registration.
The car is finished in Royal Ebony with a grey leather interior with blue piping and is equipped with the optional 17-inch 7-spoke alloy wheels. The car is in very nice condition and drives very well.


The Bentley Continental R was produced from 1991-2002. The added R stood for "Road Holding". It was the fastest, most expensive and most powerful Bentley of its time. From launch in 1991, the 6.75 L Garrett-turbocharged engine from the current Bentley Turbo R was chosen for use in the Continental R. In early, first generation, cars (1991 - 1993) power output of 325 hp (242 kW; 325 bhp) at 4000rpm and peak torque of 450 lb.ft (610 Nm) at 2000rpm was available, although this was always estimated, as, at that time, Rolls-Royce still had a policy of not supplying official figures, preferring to describe simply as "sufficient".

The car used the new 4-speed GM 4L80-E automatic transmission which had been exhaustively tested by Rolls Royce for over 1 million miles and modified by them in order to deliver very high levels of refinement. The car featured self-levelling hydraulic suspension (adaptive ride/Automatic Ride Control), ventilated disc brakes at the front, with twin calipers. Engine management via the MK-Motronic digital fuel injection with fully mapped ignition control system. At launch, top speed was 145 mph (233 km/h), and a 0-60 mph (97 km/h) time of 6.6 seconds. The Continental R was priced at US$271,780 in 1992 (£178,000 in the UK), which is approximately €595.000 in todays money. This made it the worlds most expensive production car. The body was aerodynamic and elegantly styled, despite its sizable dimensions, and the car quickly became known for its excellent handling characteristics at high speeds.
In the 11 year production run, only 1290 were produced.

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The Bentley Continental R

Very nice Continental R - Delivered in Germany - 91.700 km

€ 39.500

Renald van Dijke

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