Pierce-Arrow 836

Attention: This car is currently not on display at the museum. From 10-14 April 2019 the car will be shown in our booth at Techno Classica Essen.



62226 kilometres
Reference no.
Dark blue
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
6300 cc

184 hp


This Pierce Arrow, as offered by Classic Park, has completely been restored a few years ago in Spain. The restoration has been done very well. So as you might probably expect, this car is optically and technically in an immaculate condition.

This beautiful Pierce Arrow is equipped with the very wanted 8 cylinder in line engine (135 kW). So an unique opportunity to add a beautiful Pierce Arrow from 1933 to your collection.


Quality was the premise of George N. Pierce when he founded a factory for consumer goods together with his companions Heinz and Munschauer in 1865. They produced an abundance of things but were particularly renowned for its gilded bird cages. After buying out his partners, Pierce started to manufacture bicycles too. Like many others at the end of the 19th century, George Pierce could not resist the idea of a horseless carriage. After a failed experiment with a steam car, his first car, the Motorette was presented in 1901: with a single cylinder which produced three hp. Soon the company was known for its highly reliable, luxurious and expensive cars. Even the White House ordered them. After 1908, the company continued as Pierce-Arrow, named after one of the successful models: the Great Arrow. When George Pierce died in 1910 his heirs sold their shares.

In the 1920s the success story seemed to dwindle and the Pierce-Arrow automobiles were (figuratively) overtaken left and right by their more modern competitors. In 1928 the company was taken over by Studebaker. This merger and the introduction of the new eight-cylinder engine initially seemed to save the car brand. Car sales were on the up again and ambitious cars were built. In 1933 financial problems bankrupted the company and it was barely saved from ruin by a group of local businessmen.

That same year, the eight-cylinder Pierce-Arrow 836-series was launched, available on two sizes of wheelbases, a whole range of various bodies could be ordered. The largest models seated up to seven passengers. The engine produced 135 kW and it was the first car with quieter hydraulic valve tappets.

After 1933 Pierce-Arrow continued to develop the eight and twelve cylinders engines, but the magic seemed to have disappeared. In the last year of its existence, 1938, the factory produced only a handful of cars.

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The Pierce-Arrow 836

Completeley restored - Eight cylinder in line engine - In immaculate condition.


Renald van Dijke

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