Jaguar E-Type Series III V12 Cabriolet


E-Type Series III V12 Cabriolet

2125 miles
Reference no.
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
5343 cc

272 hp


This Jaguar as offered by Classic Park has been marvelous restored tot he smallest detail. This car comes with a lot of documentation, including over 800 pictures from the restoration works!


The E-Type Jaguar was initially designed and shown to the public as a rear-wheel drive grand tourer in two-seater coupé form (FHC or Fixed Head Coupé) and as a two-seater convertible (OTS or Open Two Seater). A "2+2" four-seater version of the coupé, with a lengthened wheelbase, was released several years later. On its release Enzo Ferrari called it "The most beautiful car ever made". Later model updates of the E-Type were officially designated "Series 2" and "Series 3", and over time the earlier cars have come to be referred to as "Series 1" and "Series 1½". The New York City Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) recognised the significance of the E-Type's design in 1996 by adding a blue roadster to its permanent design collection, one of only six automobiles to receive the distinction.

In 1971 a new 5.3 L twelve-cylinder Jaguar V12 engine was introduced, with uprated brakes and standard power steering. The short wheelbase FHC body style was discontinued and the V12 was available only as a convertible and 2+2 coupé. The convertible used the longer-wheelbase 2+2 floorplan. The Series 3 is easily identifiable by the large cross-slatted front grille and flared wheel arches, and a badge on the rear that proclaims it to be a V12. There were also a very limited number of six-cylinder Series 3 E-Types built. When leaving the factory the V12 Open Two Seater and V12 2 ± 2 originally fitted Dunlop E70VR - 15 inch tyres on 15 × 6K wire or solid wheels, though British police forces would eschew this tyre and fit a higher performing 205/70VR15 Michelin XWX to their Series 3 E-Types. They were produced until 1974. Total production of the E-Type Series III was 15,287 of which 7,297 OTS.

A Jaguar E-Type Roadster is a very desirable car: the perfect combination of wonderful design and a great driving experience make the E-Type an icon of the British automotive industry.

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The Jaguar E-Type Series III V12 Cabriolet

1974 Jaguar E-Type Series III V12 Cabriolet

€ 164.900

Renald van Dijke

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