Bentley MK VI



7241 miles
Reference no.
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
4566 cc

150 hp


This Bentley Mark VI as offered by Classic Park is a car with a handmade body manufactured by the well-known coachbuilder H.J. Mulliner. In total Mulliner fitted only 58 Bentley Mark VI chassis with a special body. In short, this car belongs in the category rare!

The history of this car is largely known.
The car was new delivered to the first owner in Birmingham (UK) to one of England's largest industrialists, Sir Ivan Arthur Rice Stedeford. He was always driven in his car by a private driver.
It is known that the car was sold to Canada in the spring of 1977. There the car has undergone some small cosmetic work. In Canada the car got new paintwork in two colors, silver with black. Originally the car was black with a blue tint.

It is then known that the car was registered from 1991 to 1994 in England and that it subsequently came to the Netherlands in 2001, where the car for the first time received a Dutch registration in 2012. After arriving in the Netherlands, the car is completely resprayed in the original black color. The interior was partly restored. Thus the car was fitted with new carpet and the woodwork was tackled. Technically, the front wheel suspension was repaired, the engine got new carburetors and a new exhaust was installed.

There are still restoration photos available from the start of the restoration in the Netherlands. In the history there are several bills, including some from England. The car has been used in the Netherlands for various tours after restoration and has a lot of patina. It has still its original leather!

This beautifully aligned Mulliner needs some improvements, including the windscreen wipers. This particular Bentley MK VI drives very well. In short, a beautiful property for the real enthusiastic and an investment for the future!


Bentley introduced the Mark VI in 1946. This Mark VI was a very comfortable car with very modern driving characteristics. Even in today's traffic, the car is still fine. The Mark VI is known for its reliable technique.

Bentley customers could at the time choose a standard body (standard steel) or a body made by a specialized coachbuilder. A special Bentley Mark VI body could be ordered from among others as Figoni & Falashi, Franay, Freestone & Webb, James Young, Park Ward, H.J. Mulliner & Co., Facel-Métallon or Stabilimenti Farina.
Between 1946 and 1952 Bentley produced 5201 chassis of the Bentley Mark VI, of which only 1012 coaches were made by a coachbuilder.

The Mark VI was equipped with a 4.25 liter six-in-line engine. In 1951 a 4.5 liter version of this engine was delivered.

The purchase price of a Mark VI with standard body at the time was £ 3,316.11 (that would be in 2017 around € 146.000).

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The Bentley MK VI

1952 Bentley MK VI

€ 41.900

Renald van Dijke

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