Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS Touring


Alfa Romeo
1900 CSS Touring

32844 kilometres
Reference no.
Interior color
Red / grey
Driver's side
Engine size
1972 cc

115 hp


This Alfa Romeo comes with a great history and history file, it is a third owner car with only 34.000 km’s.
The famous architect couple Peter and Heidi Wenger, living in Brig in Switzerland, had a great feeling for good designs. The couple made in those days very modern designs. They designed for example in 1956 the famous Trigon holiday house in Switzerland. Because of this house and other of their fresh designs they will be become very known in the design world. You can still easy find this house/monument and other of their designs on the internet.

The business went very well and in 1957 the couple bought this beautiful designed Alfa Romeo. They ordered the car in the color 'Amaranto' and a foldable rear seat. The car was equipped with a 1972 CC four cylinder engine with dual overhead camshafts developing a wealthy 150 HP.

They bought the car when the car was new and the original(!) sales contract is in the history file of the car. They made a down payment, the original bank slip of the done down payment is in the history file even as the original factory certificate from 1957 with all the numbers (body, engine, type off the body). They kept the car for more than 50 years. Peter Wenger passed away in October 2007. His wife Heidi, still living in Brig in those days, did sell the car at the end of 2008 or in the beginning of 2009. Heidi passed away in 2010.

The second owner, also living in Switzerland, bought actually a one in a million car. The car was low millage, one owner and still in an original and unrestored condition. However, he had to do a lot of mechanical work on the car because the car was hardly used in the last years of Peter and Heidi’s ownership. A complete engine overhaul was done in 2010. Furthermore he ordered a new leather interior in the car. The interior was done by a firm who used to do usual seats for in the living room. It was done to non original specifications.

The third owner bought the car in 2013. This third owner is the director of Honda Switzerland. He decides directly to remove the leather and to renew the interior with the original fabrics and specifications. He ordered also a respray and detail work on the car. Finally he put new Borrani Wheels on it. Further on the car is still original.

After his ownership we bought the car and we did pay the European import taxes. This Alfa is very rare: this one is never complete taken out apart, still owns his original body, floor panels and side sills and comes with a wonderful documented history. As far as we know and we can see the car did not had serious accidents, is low mileage and had just three private owners. In the history file there are old pictures of this car, original prospects and old road tax documents. This is one of a kind and it will be very hard to repeat.

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The Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS Touring

1957 Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS Touring

€ 289.900

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