1011 miles
Reference no.
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
1250 cc

55 hp


This MG as offered by Classic Park was in the past restored in the USA. The restores did really do a top job! This restoration has been documented with some pictures. The car is still in a beautiful condition. An unique opportunity for the real MG TC enthusiastic!


The MG Car Company derived its name from Morris Garages, owned by William Morris a dealer of Morris cars in Oxford which began producing its own customised versions to the designs of Cecil Kimber, who had joined the company as its sales manager in 1921. Best known for its two-seat open sports cars, MG also produced saloons and coupés. The MG business was Morris's personal property until 1935.

MG was absorbed with Morris into The British Motor Corporation in 1952. In 2005 after several name changes and joint ventures, MG was for example part of British Leyland and Rover, the brand was bought by the Nanjing Automobile Group which created a new company, MG Motor.

The earliest MG model, the 1924 MG 14/28 consisted of a new sporting body on a Morris Oxford chassis. The first car which can be described as an all new MG, rather than a modified Morris, was the MG 18/80 of 1928 which had a purpose designed chassis and the first appearance of the traditional vertical MG grille. A smaller car was launched in 1929 with the first of a long line of Midgets starting with the M-Type based on a 1928 Morris Minor chassis. MG established a name for itself in the early days of the sport of international automobile racing. Beginning before and continuing after World War II, MG produced a line of cars known as the T-Series Midgets which, post-war, were exported worldwide, achieving greater success than expected. The MG T series included the TA, TB, TC, TD, and TF Midget models, a range of body-on-frame convertible sports cars produced in a sequence from 1936 to 1955. The last of these models, the TF, was replaced by the MGA.

The first post-war T-series MG was the TC (1945-1949). During WW II, production stopped and a completely new design was not available. MG considered the design of the pre-war TA and TB still saleable, so changes were minimal, with the most eye-catching one a more roomy cockpit. The engine was the modern Nuffield XPAG that produced 54 hp, but proved to be easy to tune. Because the car lacked any aerodynamics, the top speed was "only" around 75 mph (120 km / h). The body was a wooden frame with sheet metal panels in typical 30s styling. Driver and passenger shared a single bench and the windshield could be folded flat on the hood. During its production period, about 10,000 TC’s were sold.

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1949 MG TC.

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Renald van Dijke

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