Daimler 2.5 L V 8


2.5 L V 8

24246 kilometres
Very Good
Reference no.
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
2548 cc

142 hp


The Daimler offered by Classic Park was exported when new to The Netherlands, it is still on Dutch papers. The coach and the interior are beautifully restored. The engine starts on the button and the engine runs fine. The car is in need for a good service. The fluids should be changed, the radiator has a tiny leak what should be repaired, a brake hose and some rubbers of the suspension of the cardan shaft should be renewed and the screen washer is not working. This service can be done by Classic Park, an interior and exterior polish included, for a price of € 2950,-- VAT included.


In 1910, Daimler was taken over by BSA. The company did not only produce automobiles but also engines and chassis’ for double-decker busses. During World War I, Daimler mainly produced for the military, including complete aircrafts. In 1922 the company was the first car manufacturer to see the potential of car radios. Unfortunately it was not a success, partly because the price of the radio was about 25% of the purchase price of the car!

In the late 20s, Daimler did not do to well, financially. The Great Depression had the world in its grip, techniques used proved obsolete and production methods outdated. A series of smaller cars and new saloon models were launched. Also, the semi-automatic gearbox was introduced at Daimler. At the outbreak of World War II, the company again switched to production for the army. After the war several crowned heads including Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands bought Daimlers, but in particular the competition of Rolls-Royce and a costly tax on luxury cars made it a difficult period for the company.

In 1960, the popularity and sales of Daimler dropped to their lowest point and the company was ready for a takeover. Jaguar did manage to appeal to a larger audience with modern designs and more affordable prices and took over Daimler, purely for the additional production capacity. Several existing Daimler models were kept in production for a number of years. Also, Daimler variants of Jaguar models were introduced like the Daimler 2.5 L V8, a luxury version of the Jaguar MK II with the V8 engine of the Daimler SP250 and standard automatic gear. It was not just a Jaguar with a Daimler grille and badges, but a car in its own right. The model, later renamed V8-250, proved to be the most popular Daimler ever. The Daimler 142 hp, 2548 cc V8 engine was more compact and lighter (over 50 kg) than the Jaguar XK6 engine used in the MK II.

In October 1966 its successor, the Sovereign, was presented. That same year, Jaguar was acquired by BMC (later BMH). In 1989, Ford was the new owner and the Daimler name was only used for super-luxurious versions of Jaguars. Since 2008, the Indian TATA Steel owns the company. Not much has been heard of Daimler since then.

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The Daimler 2.5 L V 8

1964 Daimler 2.5 L V8.


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