Buick Super



91426 miles
Reference no.
Interior color
Driver's side
Engine size
4300 cc

128 hp


The Buick Super Model 56C (bodynr. 51, No. style. 4567X) on offer at Classic Park, dates from 1951 and was (of course!) sold new in the USA. Only 8116 units of this particular convertible model were produced, the purchase price was a then not so modest $ 2728. The 4.3 liter 8 cilinder in-line engine produces 128 hp, good for 300 Nm of torque at 2000 rpm. The car has an automatic Buick Dynaflow two-speed transmission. The convertible coupe body, built by Fisher, accommodates 6 people according to the manufacturer. The car comes in a chic color combination with a Dark Chesnut Brown paint and Cream leather upholstery. As additional options an electric clock and a heater (mounted under the seat), were installed. The white-wall tires complete the look of the real 50s American!


The Buick Super was a big automobile, produced from 1940 to 1958, with the exception of the war-period. Styling-wise the Super looked a lot like the Buick Roadmaster. The car had a wider and lower so-called "Torpedo" C-Body which was characteristic for the style of designer Harley Earl. For the first time a Buick did not feature a footboard. The Super-limousine, for example, offered ample room for six passengers and a coupe variant of the first generation (1940-1941) featured a considerable trunk-space.

The second generation (1942-1948) had the popular "hatchback", where the roof seems to flow into the trunk lid, apparently forming one whole. During the first year the Americans joined the war (1942), the use of chrome was banned by the US government. So it became necessary to drop several body styles, and decorations on the cars were no longer chromed but painted. Soon afterwards, production stopped altogether and was only resumed in 1946. These post-war models were barely distinguishable from their pre-war predecessors. Because the compound carburetion was eliminated and the compression ratio reduced, the horsepower fell from 125 to 110, the torque however was hardly affected. Of the four available body styles, nearly 120 000 copies were sold in 1946. That was more than 75% of the total Buick production that year.

The third generation (1949-1953) had a shorter wheelbase, and was equipped with three so-called Ventiports in both front fenders. Allegedly this would help ventilate the engine compartment. In 1951 a whole new bumper / grille appeared and the Super got a more rounded styling. Also, the typical 50’s chrome strips on the sides of the car changed shape. Almost 170,000 copies of the 1951 Buick Super were sold.

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The Buick Super

1951 Buick Super.


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